12 of the Weirdest (and Dangerous) Things People Do While Driving

Have you ever been driving down the highway, glance over at the car in the lane next to you, and see the driver doing something weird? Or…something they definitely shouldn’t be doing while driving? If you’re reading this you probably have just thought of at least one story that comes to mind…

Read on to read some of the weirdest (and dangerous) things people do while driving:

1. Eating – While it doesn’t seem that weird—in fact, most of us have probably done this one at least once in our driving lives—it is still a dangerous thing to be doing while driving. From chomping on a hamburger to eating a bowl of cereal (seriously) while driving, this is one of the most common (and weirdest) things to do while behind the wheel.

2. Singing – I know when I sing in the car, I’m on Broadway… If you are too shy to admit to singing on occasion behind the wheel, then face the facts: 56 percent of drivers have admitted to singing behind the wheel. How about you?

While singing behind the wheel isn’t that dangerous, it can be distracting for other drivers. Not to mention, if you are really rocking out with your air guitar behind the wheel, then this might cross the “dangerous” line (literally) leading to or even causing an accident.

3. Say What? Using a Phone – This shouldn’t come as a shock at all. In fact, another 50 percent of drivers admitted to talking (and texting!) on the phone while driving. The number of accidents caused by talking and/or texting and driving has even surpassed drunk-driving accidents. Younger drivers are even more prone to do this…

Even with the astonishing numbers stacked against us, you still see people texting on their phones while driving—and even at high speeds!

4. Oh Snap! Taking a Selfie – Excited about a road trip? Jamming out to your favorite song? Driving seems like the perfect time to snap a selfie and share yourself embarking on your latest adventure. It’s also the perfect way to cause an accident. In fact, 13 percent of drivers admitted to taking a selfie while on the road. Again, millennials are more apt to do this…

5. Watching a Movie – Yes, vehicles come equipped with stock DVD players in the back of SUVs and minivans, and, yes, it’s common to play a movie for the kids while you are driving for longer periods of time. But driving while watching a movie? Now that is a little unsettling. Seven percent of drivers admitted to watching a movie or catching up on a TV show while driving, which can’t possibly be safe…

6. Bookworm Behind the Wheel? Reading – Tablets and other electronic devices make it easier for people to read their favorite books. Tablets make it easy to access email, text messages, social media, and to take and read your favorite book anywhere…except the car (especially if you’re the one driving).

While we’ve seen some people do some pretty crazy things behind the wheel, reading is in the top 10. Yes, it might seem like a great thing to do while you’re stuck in traffic, but this can still be considered “distracted driving” and lead to an accident.

7. Putting on Make Up – We all have the mornings when we barely have enough to take a shower and get dressed before we have to race out the door. And we can always tell who has that kind of morning by who is driving while applying lipstick. Another 7 percent of drivers (particularly female drivers) admitted to applying make up while on the road…

8. Shaving – Okay, guys, before you knock the ladies for putting on make up, think again. Another 5 percent of male drivers admitted to shaving while driving.

9. Changing Clothes and Shoes – If you thought putting on make up while driving was bad, then you’ll be shocked to find out that another 6 percent of drivers admitted to changing their clothes and shoes while driving.

10. Brushing or Flossing Teeth – Yes, this actually happens. In fact, the last three points have shown us that personal hygiene is more important than driving, and that simultaneously doing these activities while driving is just as common as eating and using a phone. Another 6 percent of drivers admitted to flossing or brushing their teeth while driving.

11. Shaving – Okay, guys, before you knock the ladies for putting on make up, think again. Another 5 percent of male drivers admitted to shaving while driving.

12. Using a Laptop – If texting, talking, and reading while driving weren’t bad enough, what about using a full laptop? Yes, some drivers will use their cars as their own personal offices and work while on the road. It’s likely that our mobile, digital society is to blame, but it doesn’t excuse accidents…

By looking at all these facts, it appears that we not only use our cars for a conference room and bathroom, but we do these things while driving! What’s worse is that young, teen drivers are more apt to do these things while driving than older adults. Learn more about teen driving accidents here.

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